A Chinese man enters a Jew’s lingerie store…

-I want 20 black bras size 85 D.

The Jew:

-Of course, but black is rare color, so their price is 15$ for each one.

-It does not matter,

said the Chinese,

-I'll pay.

He took the purchase and left. After a week the Chinese returns again.

-I want 30 black bras size 85 D.

-Yes, of course,

said the Jew,

-but it's so hard to get them, so now their price jumped to $25 for each one.

-It does not matter, I'll pay.

said the Chinese, paying for the purchase.

A week later, he comes again to the Store Jew.

-I want 100 black bras size 85 D!

-Yes, but their price has jumped a lot,

the Jew said,

-it is extremely difficult to deliver them; Now they are 55$ for each one,

-It does not matter, I'll pay,

replied the Chinese.

As the jew packed the order, angry with curiosity, he asked:

-Excuse me, but can you tell me what do you do with so many bras?

-I cut them in the middle and sell as Jewish caps for 200$.