A Cop Saw a Car in the Ditch.

A police officer was driving down the road when he saw a car in the ditch.

The crash appeared to pretty bad so he took a close look, when he got to the car and looked inside he saw an entire dead family. The husband, the wife, two kids, and a monkey.

He asks the monkey, not expecting much, what had happened. The monkey responds with a gesture of crashing. So he asks further.

“What was the Father doing?” The monkey scratches his head, nods and does a drinking gesture.

“Oh so he was drinking?” The monkey nods his head excitedly.

The officer asks, “what was the Mother doing?” The monkey thinks for a moment, and does a mouth talking gesture.

“Bitching?” The cop guessed. The monkey with a smile nods his head in excitement.

The cop looks in the back and asks. “What were the kids doing?” The monkey thinks a moment and starts hitting the air.

“So they were fighting?” The monkey nods his head.

Then the officer asked, “What were you doing?”

Without hesitation the monkey smiles making a steering wheel gesture.