A friend of mine was killed last night. I came here for some relief from the grief and you all helped me so I thought I’d share my favorite joke.

It's important that you use a southern accent in your mind 😉

Jim Bob and John Boy were sittin on their front porch watching their beans grow. On the road at the edge of their property they see a Volkswagen sputter to a stop. They head out to it and see a pretty woman looking at the engine and scratching her head.

Jim Bob "What's the problem miss?"

Lady "I don't know maybe you can tell?"

Jim Bob and John Boy take a look and find the radiator hose is broken and tell her.

Lady "Is there someplace nearby I can get it fixed"

John Boy "The nearest place is about six miles down the road but it's after five so it's already closed."

Lady "Is there a motel nearby that I can stay the night?"

Jim Bob "The nearest place is about three miles down the road but our truck is broked so we can't take you there."

Lady "Well can I stay at your place for the night?"

John Boy "Sure but we only have one bed."

Lady "That's O.K., I just need a place to stay."

After dinner they went to bed, the lady in the middle started to play with their penises. As they became erect she reaches into her purse whips out a couple of condoms and hands them to Jim Bob and John Boy.

Jim Bob "What are these things for?"

Lady "These are so I don't get pregnant."

They all have sex for a couple hours and in the morning they call the tow truck and send her on her way.

About six months later Jim Bob and John Boy are sittin on their front porch watching their beans grow…

Jim Bob "Do you really care if that woman gets pregnant?"

John Boy "No."


Thank again for cheering me up 🙂