A homophobic guy walks into a bar and immediately orders 3 double shots of whiskey.

Bartender: "Wow, that's a hefty order."
Guy: "Yeah, I just got terrible news that my brother has turned gay…"
Bartender gives the guy his 3 shots and leaves him alone.

-Next day-
The same guy enters the bar and again, orders the same drinks.
Bartender: "Still not over your brother?"
Guy: "No, even more bad news. I just found out that my father is now gay…"
Bartender looks shocked, but then just gives the man his drinks and leaves him alone.

-Next Day-
Again, the same guy enters the bar and orders his 3 shots.
Bartender: "More bad news I assume?"
Guy: "Yep, uncle this time…"
Bartender shakes his head and gives the man his drinks.

-Next Day-
Same guy, same drink order.
This time the bartender throws up his hands in disbelief!
Guy: "Yep….My Wife"