A man applies to a government job, and he gets told this:

The interviewer asked him if he was allergic to anything.

He replies " Yes caffeine, I can't drink coffee,"

"OK," the interviewer says " Have you been in the military?"

The man answers " Yes I was in Iraq for two years."

The interviewer says " OK that will give you 5 points toward employment," then he asks " Are you disabled in any way?"

The man says " Yes. A bomb exploded near me and I lost both my testicles."

The interviewer says " OK, you are a disabled veteran. That adds 5 more points to your employment. You're hired. Work is from 8am to 4pm and we expect you here at 10am.

The man says " Wait, if work starts at 8am, why should I come in at 10?"

The interviewer replies " Well, for the first two hours we just drink coffee and scratch our balls. No point in you coming for that"