A man decides to buy a parrot

A man walks into a pet shop, goes to the clerk and states that he would like to buy a parrot.

The clerk responds, "ah exellent! We happen to have three excellent parrots in stock right now. This lovely one here goes for $10,000."

Startled the man remarks that this seams like a high price for a bird.

"Well you see this is a special parrot, it can answer the phone and make appointments for you."

The man is very impressed by this but decides to look at the other two as well.

"This one here goes for $20,000 since it is excellent at sales and will actually make money for you."

Astounded at the skills of these birds the man can hardly wait to find out about the final parrot.

"Lastly this parrot is priced at $50,000."

The man is practically knocked over by this outlandish price and asks what it does that could possibly make it worth so much money.

"I don't know but the other two call it boss."