A naive and beautiful young girl is walking along the street in the countryside.

A naive, beautiful, conservatively dressed young girl is walking along the street in the countryside.

A man, wearing sunglasses and driving a sport car stops by:

"do you need a lift?"

She's intimidated by the sport car and the confident demeanour of this man, but she accepts, and they start getting to know each other.

"it's very nice that you pick me up in such a car. it's a long way home from here"

"it's a pleasure babe".

"what do you do?" she asks

"I'm a DJ and speaker at the radio" he answers.

She's delighted: "oh really? It's so cool. I always listen to the radio. Do you also have those show with song requests for birthdays?"

"yes, I do those kind of shows, we receive song requests for birthdays. Have you ever tried?"

Embarrassing silence follows. Somethings is in her head, and she gains courage to say it:

"well you see… I always wanted to call and request a song, but I heard it's always hard to get a place, there's a lot of people requesting… and I sort of don't know how this kind of things work, maybe I have to speak live and then don't know what to say. But I always wanted to do it… today is also my little sister's birthday…"

"well, babe, we could change this, don't you think? She'd be very happy, and you too" wink wink

He starts to sort of take a long route, apparently driving where no one can see, his intentions are clear.

"where are we going?"

"you see, babe, you could do something for me, and maybe I could get you a fast lane to do what you want for your sister's birthday…"

She starts getting it, but she is not sure, the situation is so intimidating, but also exciting, and she sort of want to do it – for her dear sister.

He parks the car in the middle of nowhere, stops the engine, and starts unzipping his jeans. She is scared, doesn't know what to do, it's all so new.

"what worries you, babe?"

"Well you see I've never done this sort of things, I'm embarrassed, I'm just a girl from the countryside, I… I don't really know if…"

He knows his way in reassuring a scared woman: "don't worry babe, you'll be fine, there's nothing you can do wrong, just be yourself. Think of your sister. you'll make her day"

He proceeds to take his genitals out. She freaks out internally, but thinks to herself "whatever, I'll do it for her". She looks into his eyes, he looks into her eyes, reassuring and firm. She starts to get her mouth close to his penis. She opens her mouth:

"Hello, I want to dedicate the next song to my sister for her birthday, it's a very special day and I love her with all my heart and …"