A new element was discovered!

Scientists’ initial findings on the new substance had lead them to believe it was highly explosive, however they simply could not determine what forces were to trigger this reaction.

They dropped it from the highest cliffs, and crushed it in the deepest oceans.

They tried igniting in it the sunniest of locations, and in the darkest of crevasses.

They subject it to the hottest temperatures they could muster, both natural and manmade.

And yet, the material was unwavering, refusing to yield to any force…until a scientist suggested the impossible.

“What if it only explodes when it’s really cold?”

Out they set to test the theory. Sure enough, as the temperature grew ever colder, the element began to show signs of degradation. Excitedly, they began pushing the temperatures even further into the freezing zone. As the temperatures reached nearer and nearer to 0 Kelvin (absolute cold), the element continued to increasingly react.

Finally, when the temperature reached approximately that of 0 K, there was a blinding flash as the element exploded before their eyes, leaving a gaping hole on the laboratory bench.

As the applause from the team of scientists began to die down, relieved of finally solving the mystery, one of the senior scientists boldly asked, “so what do we name this newfound element?”.

Amongst the thought that ensued, one of the younger scientists was quick to make a suggestion…

“0 K Boomer”