A nun stood outside a tavern, scolding patrons as they entered about the evils of alcohol…

One gent stops to discuss the matter:

“See here, Sister- it’s really not fair for you to stand there and scold people on a subject on which you yourself have no experience. I mean- have you ever even tried alcohol? Even once?”

“Most certainly not!” the nun says, blushing.

“Well listen- wouldn’t it make a little sense if you at least tried some before you knocked it?”

The nun thinks about it, then says- “Perhaps you’re right.”

“Okay! Now we’re talking! What would you like to try?”

“I’ve heard something about a… Fuzzy Navel with a twist of lemon.”

“Comin’ right up, Sister!”

The guy walks in and orders a Fuzzy Navel with a twist of lemon. The bartender goes- “A Fuzzy Navel with a twist of le— IS THAT NUN OUT THERE AGAIN?!?”