A student came late in the class and the teacher wants to know why.

"You know, I woke up as usual, got to my horse and went to school. But I don't know why, my horse suddenly died in the middle of the town square. I had to walk rest of the way and that's why I am late."

Teacher doesn't believe a single word, but there will be enough time to solve this problem after class. Then second late student came.

"I am really sorry I came late. I overslept my alarm, but I got to my horse and galloped here as fast as I could. And suddenly in the middle of the town square my horse died, so I had to walk the rest of the way."

Teacher doesn't believe this either. But before he can say anything a third late student appears in the class.

"Let me guess. You wanted to came here on your horse, but it died. Am I right?" asks the teacher.

"What? No. I went by tram as usual. But we were delayed, because on the town square are 2 dead horses lying in the track."