An Irishman goes to the doctor’s surgery …

and he says to the doctor "Top o' the morning Doc, I've got a little problem. It's a pain like, in me arse."

So the doctor says "Well we'd better have a look at it. Take your trousers and pants down."

After the patient assumes the position the doctor gets a rubber glove, some lubricant and starts to examine him. He can quickly feel something not quite right, and after a bit of fiddling he manages to extract a £20 note from the Irishman's bottom.

"Did you know you had a £20 note stuck up there?" He asks the man.

"No doc, I did not, to be sure. I do feel a little bit better, like, but still not quite right. Will you have another look for me?"

So the doctor gets back to work and sure enough he finds another £20 note, and then another. After about half an hour he finally cannot feel any more banknotes. He sits down to count the money as the man puts his clothes back on.

"So, how did you manage to get £1980 in used £20 notes into your bum?"

"I don't rightly know doc, but I knew I wasn't feeling too grand."