An Irishman walks into an American bar

He sits down and orders 3 beers.

“You know, you don’t have to order these all at once – I’m happy to make them fresh,” says the bartender.

“Oh no, ya see,” replies the Irishman, “the extras are for me two brothers back in Ireland. We all order 3 beers so it feels like we’re drinkin together,” and he chugs them all down.

Every day for months, the Irishman comes in and does the same thing, until one day he orders only two beers.

The bartender’s heart sinks, knowing the Irishman must have lost one of his brothers.

“Im so sorry,” he says, “did one of your brothers pass?”

“Of course not, they’re fine!” says the Irishman, “I’ve just quit drinkin!”