Anal Deodorant

A guy goes into a pharmacy and asks the assistant behind the counter "Can you tell me where the anal deodorant is please?"

The assistant looks confused and says "I'm sorry sir, I don't think we stock that".

"Are you sure?" he says, "I'm nearly certain I got my last stick of it from here".

"I've never seen any" she says, "but I'll ask my manager".

The manager comes to the counter and says "Hello, just making sure I understand what you're wanting, did you want some anal deodorant?"

"Yes" the man replies, "I've bought it from here before and I'd like some more please."

"OK" says the manager, "I've worked here for over 10 years and I'm sure we've never sold anal deodorant."

"But I've bought it from here before!" the man protested, "tell you what, I'll find my old one from home and bring it in to show you."

The next day he walks into the shop again and finds the same manager, "Look!" he says smugly, "here's the last anal deodorant I bought from here!"

The manager takes it from him, inspects it carefully and replies, "I'm sorry sir but this appears to just be a normal stick of deodorant."

"Not at all!" the man says, "look on the back, it clearly says: Take off cap and push up bottom."