Brave Knight Edward is going to crusade

He doesn't know if he will ever come back or not. So, he puts on an iron chastity belt on his wife, gives the key to his best friend Micheal and says,

"If I don't come back in 3 years, set her free". Michael agrees and brave Knight Edward sets out on his big black horse. He gallops toward the hills, knowing he may be leaving his beloved city forever. When on top of the hills, he looks back, just to have one last look at his beloved city. To his surprise he sees a big cloud of dust coming towards him.

He waits and soon can make out the shapes of a horseman coming toward him as fast as the poor animal can manage.

When the horseman is closer, he can finally see it is none other than his best friend Micheal.

Michael stops his horse, still panting "you gave me the wrong keys".