Donald Trump dies and goes to hell

In 50 years, he comes to the devil and says: "I know I'm going to spend an eternity here. I would like to ask you for a favor. I miss my country, I miss the United States. Can I go back to Washington DC for 15 minutes? I will go to the nearest bar, drink some beer and have a little chat with the bartender. Then I will return to stay here forever."

The devil says "Okay, but I will change your body for the time you are there. Nobody would know or believe you are actually Donald Trump".

"That's even better!" says the president. And the next moment POOF! He appears next to a bar. He walks in, orders a mug of beer and starts talking to the bartender:

"I have been in a coma for quite a long time. I don't know what's going on in the world. How is our country doing?"

"Can't be better!" says the bartender happily. "We are the mightiest nation in the world, we no longer have ANY external threats! All political issues have been resolved! Every country is either our loyal ally or is completely controlled by our government!"

"Wait a second" – Trump can't believe his ears – "What about Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan?"

-Everything is ours now! We have conquered them!

-Then what about Ukraine?

-It's also controlled by our government now!

-I can't believe this! What about Mexico? China? Turkey?

The bartender takes a globe from under the desk, spins it around and says proudly: "The whole world belongs to us. I mean it! Every single country!"

Donald Trump is completely shocked. He says in amazement:

"I am speechless. I didn't ever think it was possible by any means. Thank you very much. Anyways, I got to go now. How much for the beer?"

"350₽, comrade!"