Little billy goes to a whorehouse

Madame: little Billy, get out of here! You're too young and you can't afford my girls.

Little Billy pulls a huge wad of cash out of his pocket.

Billy: I've been saving my allowance all year, and I've got my pubes. I want to bang a whore.

Madame: well, okay. You can have any girl in the house except Sandy.

Billy: Why can't I have Sandy?

Madame: You don't want Sandy! She's got the herpesyphigonalaids! It's the worst VD ever! You don't want that little Billy.

Billy: Yes I do! That's what i want! I want the herpesyphigonalaids.

Madame: why little Billy?

Billy: I'm gonna bang Sandy and she's gonna give me tje herpesyphigonalaids. Then I'm gonna go home and tonight i'll give it to my babysitter, then when my dad drives her home she'll give him the herpesyphigonalaids. When dad gets home he's gonna give mom the herpesyphigonalaids. Then tomorrow while he's at work mom will give the mailman the herpesyphigonalaids. AND THAT'S THE MOTHERF***ER WHO RAN OVER MY DOG!