Oh, how nice (A joke from my 96 year old great-grandmother-in-law)

Two women are in the hospital. Their labor has started, but not progressed enough for delivery, so they are in a room waiting together.

"Is this your first child?" says the older woman.

"No," says the younger woman. "I have another."

"I have three." Continues the older woman. "After the first kid, my husband was so sweet. He bought me a diamond necklace."

"Oh, how nice." Said the young woman.

"After the second, he bought me a new car. He said I deserve the best."

"Oh, how nice." Said the younger woman.

"And after the third, he bought us a new house. It was expensive, but he said his family was worth it."

"Oh, how nice." Said the younger woman.

"So, what has your husband gotten you?"

"Well, we only have one child. After he was born, my husband thought I needed to clean up my language, so he got me lessons at charm school."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Now instead of saying 'go fuck yourself,' I say 'oh, how nice'."