So a guy and his gf are making out

and the girl tells the guy she really wants to do 69. The guy agrees but remembers his girl is on her period so he declines. The Gf begs and he finally agrees, thinking a little bit of blood can’t be too bad.

After they get going and are having a good time, the doorbell rings.

“Oh shit, I have an important package coming, I have to get the door. I can’t wipe this blood off my face fast enough!” said the guy.

The gf tells him, “it’s ok, just tell the guy you were eating a jelly sandwich and didn’t have time to wipe your face.”

So the guy goes and opens the door to sign the package from the mailman but notices the mailman staring at him awkwardly.

“Oh this red stuff around my mouth is from my jelly sandwich, sorry about that.” says the guy.

The mailman, slightly confused, says “Ohhhh… so is that peanut butter on your forehead?”