The wife is giving birth, but she was in severe pain.

"There's is an option," Said the doctor, "I had invented the machine that transfers the pain of the mother to its father, the only thing is that the pain will be 10 times more intense."

The husband, being the man he was, told the doctor to do it.

The doctor turned it up to 10%, the husband stood like nothing happened.

Then the doctor raised it to 50%, the husband didn't even flinch a bit.

"it's a wonder!" said the doctor, " do you feel any pain?"

"not a bit," said the husband, "turn it to 100%"

"Are you sure?" said the doctor:"you can die from such pain"

The husband agreed and the pain meter got up to 100%, but he still felt nothing.

When the couple got home, the mailman is dead on the front porch,