Two American journalists are in London.

Two American journalists are in London attending a press convention. That evening they are in the bar chatting to fellow UK journalists when the subject of how headlines are written came up. The UK journo's commented that the Headlines in America are far too long. They need to be much shorter, and to the the point.

"Interesting", said the American journ'o, "can you give us an example?"

"Well", said the UK guy, "take this crime that happened yesterday, a mental patient escapes from the local funny farm, enters a laundry, rapes one of the washer women and runs off. What headline would you use?"

The two thought for a moment and said." Maniac sexually assaults laundry worker and escapes".

"See," Says the UK guy, "too long".

"what's your headline then?", said the American.

The UK guy smiles and said, "Nut screws washer and bolts".