Two women meets in the afterlife,

-Hello, My name is Mia!

-Hello. Mine is Emma. How'd you die?

-Well… I froze to death.

-Oh my.. what a terrible way to die!

-Well it wasn't that bad. I was shivering from cold, but then I felt a warmness and I got really sleepy, Then I died. How did you die?

-I had a heart attack. I thought that my husband cheating on me, so I left work early to catch him red-handed. Then I saw him just watching television.

-What happened after?

-I was certain that there was an another woman in the house. So I furiously started to search the whole house. Under the bed, the roof, closets but I couldn't. I was too tired of searching, I just had an heart attack.

(Mia starts to laugh)

-What's so funny?

-Oh dear.. if you checked the fridge we both would be still alive!