What else could he say??

A young couple decided to take their 5 year old son to see the circus. After several amazing acts, the ringmaster led six bull elephants into the center ring, linked trunk to tail in the usual manner.

"What's that big thing hanging off the elephant, Mommy?" Little Johnny asked.

"That's his trunk, honey," Mom replied.

"No, that other thing," Johnny insisted.

"Oh, you must be looking at his tail," Mom offered.

"No, Mommy, that big thing underneath him, by his belly," Johnny said. Realizing her son was asking about the elephant's penis, Mom got embarassed.

"Oh, that's nothing, sweetie. Daddy went to get some popcorn. When he comes back, he can tell you all about the elephants."

Soon, Dad came back with popcorn, and Mom went to use the restroom. Johnny took the opportunity to question his father. "What's that big thing hanging off the elephant, Daddy?"

"That's his trunk, son," Dad said.

"No, Daddy, not his trunk, and not his tail. I mean that big thing underneath, by his belly," Johnny repeated.

"Oh, that," Dad said. "That's his penis, Johnny."

"Huh," mused the five year old. "Mommy said that was nothing."

"Son," sighed Dad, "I've spoiled that woman."